Wedding Coordinator

For many people, planning your big day is fun and enjoyable. Meeting your vendors, tasting wedding cakes and picking out your theme and colors!


I know that Julie and I enjoyed this part as much as anything. As the Big Day approaches let a coordinator help you put your work and planning into action. You have spent so much time and effort planning your big day, allow yourselves to relax. The last week you will want to be able to take it easy and spend time with all of your out of town guests here for your wedding. Not worrying about contacting your vendors and making sure everyone knows what to do. Think about how much easier and less stressful it will be on the week of your wedding if you only have to deal with one person who will contact all of your vendors to make sure they know where to be and when. Someone to run your rehearsal for you and make sure that on the big day everyone knows what to do. Our entire approach to weddings is geared towards the philosophy that you just have to show up, enjoy the most memorable day of your life. Go home knowing that everything will, and did, run smoothly and that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


What will happen if your dress gets stained, or torn?


What will happen if you forget your garter, or the cake cutting knife?


What if you get a headache, or someone gets a cut?


We provide an emergency kit that will cover all of the above and almost every problem that could arise.


Month of coordinating services starting from $1200.


Month of Plus and Full Service coordinating also available


Julie has a website that list her services in full: